MORAWKA is the name of a mountain river flowing through the city Stronie Slaskie and residential complex, which was founded on its site in 1948-1953. MORAWKA housing estate is a good example of planning that drew with the theory of planning of interwar period. As a resident of the settlement I could not resist the temptation to use so characteristic and significant name for the place, which is MORAWKA.

"Morawka" it is also the title of the magazine published in the 80s in the Provincial Hospital for Mental Diseases with the participation of patients. This is an inspiration to me for the future. If the business will grow i wold like to create workshops for some patients. The work is very important in the recovery process of the mentally ill.

Current prototypes executed by the company ATIC from Wrocław

DESIGNER:  Aleksander Pięta;